Pavilla 3m x 4m Steel Rectangular Pergola in Grey

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Introducing our new steel Pavilla range - exclusive to Harbour Lifestyle - is an award winning range of modern Pergolas. All Pavilla pergolas provide shade in the summer heat, and can be switched to a fully waterproof roof at a moment's notice should the great British weather suddenly change! With tilting louvres, you can quickly switch between a closed roof and an open-top allowing the sunshine to come beaming through.

The incredibly well designed, built-in drainage system prevents you from having to open the louvred roof as any excess water that lands on the louvres, flow into u shaped channels. You will never see the water draining off the Pergola, as any excess rainwater will flow from the roof into the framework of the pergola, once in the horizontal framework, the rainwater flows into the legs and then vertically down to the ground.

This well-engineered contemporary pergola requires 2-3 people to assemble and should be completed in approximately 2-3 hours. We recommend mounting the Pergola onto a solid and flat surface. Bolts are provided as standard, we strongly recommend that all Pergola legs are bolted to the floor.

All Pavilla pergolas come with a 3 year warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on the blinds and louvres.

Note - surface levels

Pavilla pergolas need to be installed on level surfaces in order for their drainage system to work efficiently. Standard 1:80 falls for surface water runoffs on patios are perfectly acceptable. If the fall is significantly steeper than this, installation may still be possible but performance will be affected and warranties may be invalid.

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